Turkuaz Fine Turkish Cuisine

2637 Broadway, New York, NY USA

The delights of New York City never pall, and it was a happy coming together of friends from different parts of the world that led to our sitting down for dinner at this Turkish restaurant in Manhattan. Most of the veggie component of our meal was assembled out of side dishes: zucchini pancakes in which finely chopped zucchini and onion, lightly fried in batter, were served with a side dish of yoghurt; stuffed bulgur, light and delicious, with lettuce, and hummus, firmer than the more familiar Arab variety, served with a spoon and thickly sliced Turkish bread. Vegetable Casserole, offered as a main dish, is based on potatoes, thick green beans and capsicum, and comes with plenty of rice; it’s certainly hearty and filling, if a little bland for my taste. The pistachio pudding, a concoction of nuts folded into a kind of custard, earned high praise for its lightness and the subtlety of its taste.  We ended the meal with Turkish coffee and various teas (Turkish, mint and the wonderful apple tea the Turks do so well).

This being New York, the bill came with indications of how much the ‘gratuity’ would come to if we chose to leave a tip of 18%, 20% or 22% of the cost of the meal. Australians don’t usually think in this way, but then they don’t experience the richness of life in NYC…our incredibly knowledgeable waiter was a Turkish research student aiming for a job with the United Nations. Post-modernists may be right in claiming that we are heading for a world with no centres, but to this day New York is certainly one, and its continuing ability to attract residents from all parts of the world who bring their food with them is one of the reasons why it will probably remain one.

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