Vladimir Lossky on the Church

In his Mystical Theology of the Church (Eng transl 1957), Vladimir Lossky writes:

‘The Church is the centre of the universe, the sphere in which its destinies are determined. All are called to enter the Church, for if man is a microcosm, the Church is a macro-anthropos, as St Maximus says. It increases and is compounded in history, bringing the elect into its bosom and uniting them to God. The world grows old and falls into decay, while the Church is constantly rejuvenated and renewed by the Holy Spirit who is the source of its life. At a given moment, when the Church has attained to the fullness of its growth determined by the will of God, the external world, having used up its vital resources, will perish. As for the Church, it will appear in its eternal reality as the Kingdom of God. It will then stand revealed as the true foundation of the creatures raised up in incorruptibility to be united to God who will be all in all.’

There is something dizzying about these words. Chesterton once remarked that the Church seems much bigger from the inside than it does from the outside.

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