St Porphyrios on Struggle

‘So that’s how you should engage in your spiritual struggle: simply, gently and without force. Simplicity and gentleness are a very saintly mode of spiritual life, but you cannot learn this in an external way. It must suffuse itself mystically within you, so that your soul embraces this life through the grace of God. But very often, in spite of our desire to acquire this simplicity, our enemy recognises this fact and impedes us…When you lose the divine grace, don’t do anything. Continue your life and your struggle simply and normally until, without anxiety, you will be filled again with love and longing for Christ. And then everything will be fine. And then grace will fill you and give you joy. One secret is to be found in the divine offices. Abandon yourself to these and the grace of od will overtake you mystically.’

St Porhpyrios died in 1991 and was glorified as a saint in 2013. I’m grateful to the friend who leant me a copy of the book form which the above extract was taken, Wounded by Love The Struggle and the Wisdom of Saint Porphyrios, published in Evia (Greece).

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