Sergius Bulgakov on Adam

What were the possibilities and limits for Adam’s human nature, particularly in relation to death? Man was created perfect, but this perfection even in Adam was not a final and definitive one. Spirituality of the flesh was given to him only as a natural harmony by virtue of God’s creative act, but this spirituality was not assimilated by him. Man still faced the task of conquering – by his freedom through spiritual causality – his flesh, of spiritualizing the latter; and it was for that purpose that there was given to him God’s commandment, which showed what he still had to acquire through freedom. Although he was not created mortal (as Catholic theology teaches), the original man was not immortal either. Death as a possibility (posse mori et non mori) was contained in his bodily nature, not yet spiritualized by man himself; and this possibility became a reality as soon as the spiritual equilibrium in him was disrupted by the power of sin.

[On the Gospel Miracles, transl. Boris Jakim]

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