Halim’s Indian Taj Restaurant

1/155 Baroona Rd, Rosalie Village, Milton Q 4064

An Indian restaurant that boasts of having catered to ‘the Indian and Sri Lankan Cricket Team’ sounds as though it will be worth trying. Our meal gets off to a slightly disappointing start, as the Palak Pakoras of spinach and onions are unaccountably dry, even when drenched with the chilli sauce that accompanies them. But the main dishes are excellent. The Aloo Gobi of potatoes and cauliflower is beautifully flavoured and there are roughly equal portions of the vegetables (places that shall remain nameless have been known to stint on the more expensive one.) The Channa Masala of chickpeas in a red sauce is similarly tasty, even though we asked for the curry to be mild. The chapati and garlic nan were well cooked, and big enough to make the plentiful rice that came with the meal redundant; the pickle was intensely flavoursome, and we only touched a little of the generous amount that was served. The restaurant has the advantage of being just across the road from a cleanskin wine outlet, where we picked up a bottle of excellent South Australian shiraz very cheaply. The lead of the Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers is certainly worth following.

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