Adhithi South Indian Cuisine

 6/184 Main St, Montville QLD 4560
Nestling in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast just to the north of the better known Maleny, the historic village of Montville offers a mix of the stylish and the twee. The presence of a restaurant serving south Indian food may be explicable in terms of day-trippers from Brisbane rather than any local clientele, and the quality of the food would put some metropolitan restaurants to shame. A highlight of the menu is the dosas, rice and lentil pancakes. We enjoyed two of them, one a standard dosa masala and the other in which the stuffing was based on cabbage. They were larger than expected, generously filled, and the accompaniments based on lentils and peanuts that come with them excellent. There is apparently only one cook in the restaurant, so the food takes a while to appear and tends to come dish by dish (perfect for sharing!), but the upstairs restaurant is located in most interesting surrounds, and the waitress, Sharon, provides impeccable service. There are no facilities to wash your hands should choose to use them to eat, but there are amole supplies of thick serviettes. The Adhithi took us by surprise, and is thoroughly recommended.

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