Sergius Bulgakov on Christ’s Miracles

Christ’s miracles were worked by the Son of Man, and they were worked by Him in His humanity; consequently, they have a human character, are accessible to man, are included in the possibilities of this world, headed by man. This means, furthermore, that Christ’s miracles were natural, not unnatural and not supernatural. They disclosed the possibilities of implanted in man’s relation to the world. They represented humanity’s testimony about itself, for man is called to be the “lord” of the world; he is the king of c creation, the creaturely god…Their miraculousness consists only in the special manner of their working, extraordinary for the given conditions; e.g. the healing of sicknesses is in man’s power, and miraculous healings differ not in their purpose and their essence but only in the extraordinary means by which they are achieved. [Relics and Miracles, Engl transl, 2011]

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