The Raw Kitchen

181A High St, Fremantle WA

The brick walls and the lofty pointed ceiling of the old warehouse which it occupies lend this establishment a serious level of urban grunge, and its menu is similarly confronting, for it isn’t only veggie and dairy free but is based on uncooked foods. Typical of its offerings is the raw food pasta in which strands of zucchini, supplemented by radish, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes and other flavour boosters topped with a sprinkling of yeast, take the place of pasta. The serve is generous and surprisingly tasty. The raw sandwich of flax bread filled with avocado and marinated mushrooms perhaps isn’t quite as successful, and the member of our group who tried the raw food pizza wasn’t bowled over by it. The superfood bliss ball is nice, but comes across as a blast of sweetness without the taste of whatever went into it being detectable. On the other hand the cashew paste that goes with a number of the dishes, and is presumably meant to function as a kind of cream analogue, is most acceptable.

Has anyone ever managed to live on a completely raw food diet? The menu at The Raw Kitchen contains a number of dishes for backsliders, and the bowl of wedged cooked potatoes we tried was thoroughly delicious. While the raw dishes were tasty and certainly inventive, they don’t leave you with a sense of having eaten well. The restaurant is very popular, and the food intriguing, but I doubt whether raw food will ever move beyond the margin.

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