Gabriel Bunge on Created Being Spirituality

However much we may talk of ‘spirituality’ and however fond we may be of using the epithet ‘spiritual’, the Person of the Holy Ghost is the Great Absent One in the ‘spirituality’ of the West, as has often been lamented. As a consequence, we regard many things as ‘spiritual’ that in fact still belong absolutely and entirely to the realm of the ‘natural man’, who is lacking precisely in the ‘gift of the Spirit’. We mean here everything that falls within the scope of the ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’, which are of a thoroughly irrational  nature and are by no means ‘spiritual’ or wrought by the Spirit…

For now let the observation suffice that we would do well to distinguish carefully, with the Fathers, between that which is really ‘spiritual’, namely what is wrought by the Person of the Holy Spirit, and all that belongs to the domain of the ‘natural man’, that is our irrational wishes and desires. For the latter are, at best, indifferent in value; most often, though, they are the expression of our ‘self-love’, which is the exact opposite of a ‘friendly love for God’, in other words, that ‘perfect and spiritual love in which prayer acts in spirit and truth’.

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