An aircraft carrier for Wyoming?

The problem of how to prepare for a potential economic or political collapse of the United States has been exercising members of the legislature of the state of Wyoming, who have been debating the setting up of a task force to deal with the matter. It was initially proposed that it could examine such possible strategies as the state issuing its own currency, raising a standing army, and acquiring an aircraft carrier, but on the second reading of the bill the second and third areas were struck out.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared, and if some of the novels of William Gibson are anything to go by life in a post-US environment could have its nasty side. But I’m not sure that the proposal to acquire an aircraft carrier was realistic. Wyoming is an inland state, two other states being between it and the Pacific Ocean. Where could the state’s expensive asset have been berthed? How could it have been secured from falling into hostile hands? And, ahem, just what service could it have provided for the people of Wyoming? I wouldn’t be surprised if behind the original proposal there lurked a kind of boys-own survivalism familiar in some areas of American life. Such fantasies have no part in serious political debate.

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