Message to readers of this blog

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support of this blog. More of you than I’d anticipated are following it, and your number is growing; I’m touched that there are people who find something that is essentially an exercise in someone thinking out aloud and trying to set his thoughts in order is of interest.

When I began the series of Notes on Genesis it was with the intention of doing no more than jotting down notes on a few interesting passages at the beginning of the book. Somehow one thing led to another, and only when I found myself discussing the possible significance of a passage being half-way through Genesis in the course of the tenth posting did I realise how long the series would become. The content has not sought to rise above the level of notes, and has largely been generated from within the patristic, liturgical and iconographic traditions of the Church. (More than once it’s occurred to me how interesting it would be to think systematically about the manner in which the Church processes Scripture; perhaps St Peter’s use of the Old Testament in Acts 2:14-36 would be a good place to start. And of course there’s the whole general question of how any textual community processes its material.)

Recently, prior being away from home for a few weeks, I’ve been hurrying to finish the series on Genesis. Now it’s done, and feedback from visitors to the site as to anything you’d like to see more of, or less of, would be very welcome. You are shy when it comes to making comments, which are always welcome (the facility to do this is open for a week after every posting), and there is also an email address on home page of the site you can use to make contact with me. The balance of material here is not immutable and I would enjoy receiving feedback!

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