Marilynne Robinsons’ What are we Doing Here? Essays (2018) (ii)

Some of Robinson’s attitudes give me pause. She segues from the slave-owning South to a broad and implicitly anti-English attitude, one fully expressed in what says of Churchill: ‘Did his famous stand against Hitler really amount to no more than waiting for the colonies and the United States to step in?’ This reminds me of the practice of Barak Obama […]

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David Mitchell James’ A Psalter for Prayer (2011)

This book comprises a version of the Psalms, together with some traditional material from the Church Slavonic Psalter, beautifully presented in large type on thick paper, so that it is suitable for public liturgical as well as private devotional reading. The register of the English is sonorous and dignified, its language somehow churchy and inviting a kind of slow lectio divina. It raises some issues […]

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Andrew Louth’s Modern Orthodox Thinkers From the Philokalia to the Present (2015)

Written by one of the leading scholars of patristic and Byzantine theology who is himself an Orthodox priest, Andrew Louth’s study fills a major gap. Over the past few hundred years, Orthodox theology (in the western sense of that word) has experienced an extraordinary revival that is all too little known in the West, and not universally known in the East. It is […]

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