V/B Restaurant

Lock St, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

What a pleasant surprise to come upon this small restaurant, tucked away in a busy side street not far from one of the main thoroughfares of this frantic city! After you master an unexpected system whereby the tableware is stowed in drawers under the tables, you set to feasting. First up is excellent salt and pepper tofu, served on a bed of finely grated red cabbage or, on another visit, shredded lettuce with fried garlic. Fried rice comes with peas, diced carrot, slices of shallot and, unless you ask for it to be left off, small pieces of fried egg; this is the kind of dish enhanced by a shake of soy sauce. Other veggie dishes include aubergine, prepared in traditional Chinese style and coming to the table in chunks too big to be easily managed with chop sticks, and ‘mixed vegetables’, which turn out to be broccolini and greens, identical in colour. To wash the meal down you can’t go past the coconut juice, in which pieces of coconut are lurking towards the bottom, These you fish out with a long spoon: first a drink and then a desert!

The staff at V/B were most obliging to a pair of gweilos. While there’s a menu in English the clientele is largely Chinese, among whom we felt thoroughly at home. We went without hesitation for a second visit

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