7hills Indian Restaurant

2/16 Marshall Ln, Kenmore Q 4069

The recommendation of a friend took us to this somewhat sparsely appointed restaurant, but the reality belied the appearance. The onion pakoras were made of large slices of onion and came fresh from the pan, beautifully crisp, with a dish of tamarind sauce. From the long list of curries we chose Spinach Dal; the vegetable had been broken into tiny specks, so that its taste was assimilated into that of the dal, but the dish was well spiced and satisfying. Instead of rice we had an Aloo Paratha by the side, nicely filled and not at all greasy. The highlight of the meal was also stuffed with potato, a south Indian Masala Dosa. There’s something about potatoes in Indian food that gets my hands itchy (why is it that curry recipes advise that cooked potatoes be broken up by hand rather than sliced with a knife?), and I’m always tempted to eat dosas with my fingers, but respect for the surroundings and fear of making a fool of myself held me back, and I decorously deployed knife and fork. Oddly enough the accompanying sambar and thick coconut chutney came in china bowls, rather the familiar metal ones.

The menu in this restaurant is entirely vegetarian, and many of the dishes can be made vegan; we asked for this to be done for all those we ordered, and they were fine. I support places like this out of conviction, but it’s hard to imagine anyone not enjoying the food at 7hills.

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  • Drona Acharya

    Actually Indian foods are a little bit different, sometimes it may be hold the amazing Indian culture

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