Sergius Bulgakov on Sainthhood

There are two poles of human-divinity: self-deification to which are applicable St Augustine’s words that  man without God is a diabolical being; and the gracious deification of man, helping him to become holy. Sainthood is human-divinity actualized by human exploit on the basis of God’s grace. Outside of the divine incarnation and the action of God’s grace, sainthood in actu is impossible, remaining an unattainable goal. By contrast, all Christians possess the calling to sainthood and the will to sainthood.  And in saints this will attains actualization, i.e. the divine energies outweigh to such an extent the lower, sinful human energies that a certain transubstantiation takes place in the very essence of man. [Relics and Miracles, Engl transl 2011]

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